Our Microcement Products

State of the art microcement polished concrete effect
overlays developed by CARRcrete.
Adaptible, beautiful, durable.

The CARRcrete microcement products are designed to offer professional performance and beautiful aesthetics. With ingredients of a quality level second to none, professional applicator design input and expert development and research, we are understandibly very proud of our UK designed and manufactured product line.

Microcement offers a great deal of versatility, allowing the applicator to apply the product in a fashion that resembles polished concrete or Venetian plasters.

All CARRcrete Microcement products are supplied with our liquid polymer with your chosen pigmentation option. Simply pick the product you need, the colour you like and you are supplied with the correct amount of polymer/powder for easy mixing.


Our unique high solids liquid polymer that is pre-pigmented for easier mixing. Simply add to the microcement powder for the perfect high solids additive for microcement overlays. Increases product flow, surface adhesion, stain and abrasion resistance along with the benefits of reduced porosity in cured surfaces. Our polmer has an increased resistance to burnishing problems.

MicroBase XL

Our extra large base layer for our MicroFloor system, uses 1.5mm grains of glass for use over very rough and uneven floor substrates. Apply as many coats as needed to bring troublesome floors to a point ready to receive our standard base layer. MicroBase  XL can also be used as a non slip textured finish coat.


Our standard high strength base layer for our MicroFloor system, uses 0.5mm grains of glass to promote a high strength cement overlay. Apply two coats of MicroBase as part of the CARRcrete MicroFloor system. MicroBase can also be used as a non slip textured finish coat.


A fine high strength 200 micron quartz based product, used either as base layer for walls, an intermediate layer or as a tough semi smooth finish for floors. Use one/two coats of MicroWear over the initial base layers for high traffic areas. Produces a less cloudy look than MicroFine.


A beautiful creamy fine 50 micron grain quartz based Marmorino-like product. May be used as a finish coat on floors or as a base layer furniture and walls when a high degree of smoothness is required. Use one/two coats over either MicroBase or MicroWear depending on the finished required.


A very fine 20 micron grain quartz based finish coat used for floors, furniture and walls. MicroFine has a slight opacity effect when set, allowing the coat beneath to shadow through. Use one/two coats over either MicroBase or MicroMedium depending on the finished required.


Our finest microcement layer, with <10 micron quartz grain, less than half that of MicroFine. MicroUltra is a Grasello-like product in consistency but utilises our advanced cement and polymer formulas, allowing for beautiful shadow and cloud effects. Use one/two coats over MicroMedium or MicroFine.


The ideal acrylic primer for both porous and non porous surfaces. Easy to apply, dilutable, fast drying and convenient to use.


Our incredibly powerful pre-sealer, a water based blend of acrylic and polyurethane resins designed to penetrate, seal and strength the microcement final layer against water and oil based stains. Used as an initial sealer before the topical guard coats. Easy to apply, fast drying and quick to cure. Use two coats over a clean sanded finished surface.


A very tough and durable UV stable polyurethane based topical guard sealer, provides a high degree of stain, abrasion and chemical resistance for microcement products. Available in soft sheen, satin and gloss levels of shine. Use between one to three coats depending on finish required over a layer of MicroSeal.


Available in soft sheen, satin and gloss, MicroTough is our most durable surface sealer. Formulated with high strength premium clear polyurethanes in a two pack system. One to three coats depending on finish required over a layer of MicroSeal. Designed for the most demanding of projects.


The ideal cleaning and maintenance product for microcement surfaces sealed with our products. MicroCare cleans, disinfects and repairs the sealed finish with a very pleasant odour. Maybe high speed burnished.