CARRcrete MicroBase

CARRcrete MicroBase 
 Base layer with 500 micron grains of glass.


This is our standard base layer for the CARRcrete MicroFloor microcement system. MicroBase incorporates 0.5mm recycled glass particles which offers not only a more environmentally friendly product, but also provides a high compressive strength foundation.

About MicroBase

CARRcrete MicroBase is our standard base layer MicroBase using 500 micron glass particles. The use of glass increases overall compressive strength significantly and offers a superb abrasion resistance which far exceeds the levels offered by marble sands.

We always recommend the use of two layers of MicroBase to start any installation of microcement. MicroBase should be applied over a correctly primed rigid, stable, movement and deflection free substrate. 

When mixed with water our base layer offers a nice level of flow to encourage ease of installation on floors. MicroBase also incorporates advanced technology to enhance the rheology of the mixed material, allowing for easier placement and less drying out of the material when working.

MicroBase is also suitable for a textured non-slip finish when correctly abraded. Simply apply two addition coats over the two base layers to create a high performance textured surface.

For very rough and uneven surfaces we recommend you either coat the substrate with a self levelling compound or our MicroBase XL product first.

MicroBase like all CARRcrete microcement products is supplied in 5kg, 10kg, 20 Kg recycleable buckets.

Product Properties
  • Two layers to begin the microcement system 

  • High compressive strength 

  • High abrasion resistance 

  • Rapid hardening 

  • Mix with water

Technical Details
  • Pot life: 60 minutes Approx

  • Re-coat time: 2-4 hrs Approx

  • Time before sanding: 8+ hrs Approx

  • Colour: white 

  • 0.5mm glass particles 

  • Package size: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

  • Liquid Required: < 290 ml per Kg of powder 

  • Coverage: 17-30m2 approx - 1 coat

Product Datasheet