CARRcrete MicroBase XL

CARRcrete MicroBase XL 
 Base layer with larger 1.5mm grains of glass.

MicroBase XL

MicroBase XL was created for dealing with problem substates such as rough and uneven floors where the use of a self levelling compound may not be practical or convenient. This product is also ideal for creating a very strong and robust base coat for any high traffic environments.

MicroBase XL allows you quickly cover a primed surface with a microcement product that incorporates much large grains of glass. We often use this product fresh on fresh to take out some of the roughness and imperfections of less than optimal floor surfaces.

About MicroBase XL

CARRcrete MicroBase XL is essentially an uprated version of our standard base layer MicroBase but instead of using 0.5mm glass particles, 1.5mm grains are used. This increased grain size not only allows rougher surfaces to be prepared ready for a standard base layer, but also increases the overall compressive strength of the overlay.

In applications where applying a self levelling compound may be problematic, MicroBase XL can be applied in multiple layers to build up floors, patch low spots and to form part the ultimate in hard wearing micro overlay system.

Mixed with water and applied in the same fashion as our MicroBase layers. This product naturally boasts a superb ease of application with great rheology and flow, plus it is rapid hardening to enable the contractor to apply and get ready for the next process more quickly.

MicroBase XL is also suitable for a textured non-slip finish when correctly abraded.

MicroBase XL like all CARRcrete microcement products is supplied in 5kg, 10kg, 20 Kg recycleable buckets.

Product Properties
  • For building up uneven surfaces 

  • Apply layers as required 

  • High compressive strength 

  • High abrasion resistance 

  • Rapid hardening 

  • Mix with water

Technical Details
  • Pot life: 60 minutes 

  • Re-coat time: 2-4 hrs 

  • Time before sanding: 8-12 hrs 

  • Colour: white 

  • 1.5mm glass particles 

  • Package size: 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg

  • Liquid Required: < 270 ml per Kg of powder

Product Datasheet