About CARRcrete Microcements

A UK Based Family Run Business

About CARRcrete Microcement Products

CARRcrete microcement products are part of Carr Restoration Ltd who have for years led the way in polished concrete flooring, diamond abrasives and chemical sealers for concrete within the UK. In 2014 we developed our first microcement products and over subsequent years installed these products into both commercial and resedential projects across the country.

We have always had a firm belief in developing the finest quality products through design and rigorous testing both inhouse and in the field using real world environments to test durability and performance.

We are well known within the industry as being a professional, friendly family run business, our customer service is second to none.

Meet The CARRcrete Team

Simone Murrin

Contracts Manager

Simone is our head of contracts and customer service, very often the first voice heard on the telephone. Simone is a people person and loves to help clients with their questions, offer advice and to recommend the correct products for the project.

Whether it be microcement or polished concrete, Simone knows about it all and has worked very closely with our installation team for years and has had an input into the product design process on more than one occasion.

Simone from Carrcrete

Dave Carr


Dave is the driving force behind the products our team and a growing number of trade professionals use each day.

A true perfectionist with a strong desire to design, develop and refine. He has worked on everything we manufacture and produce, from diamond abrasives, microcements  levelling compounds and chemicals; Dave has been stuck in the middle of it.

If Dave is not in his laboratory testing tools and products, he is onsite where he is happiest, working with the things he designs.

Dave from Carrcrete

Richard Norman

Product Mixing

Richard is in charge of our stock and mixing, where he keeps a close and watchful eye over quality control and stock levels.

Richard and his small team ensure each bucket of microcement is exactly the same as the last, manufactured in strict compliance with the formulas created by Dave Carr.

Richard from Carrcrete