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Beautiful Concrete Floors In Just 3mm thickness

Suppliers Of Microcement In The UK

Why CARRcrete?

Microcement In Norfolk Dining Area


Our microcement floors and walls are stunning, bespoke pieces that look similar to polished concrete or Venetian plaster

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MicroFloor can be applied over a wide range of floor substrates and only 3mm thick. The ultimate in versatile floor finishes.

Microcement in kitchen area Leicestershire


A microcement from CARRcrete is much tougher than the competition, we are completely calcium carbonate free.

CARRcrete are very proud to manufacture and supply our own microcements in the UK to fellow trade professionals. With our experience and knowledge, we can supply you with the most advanced and eco friendly microcement products available in the UK today.

Make contact with our team today to find out more about our microcement range, we always more than happy to help.

The Look

Get inspiration with photographs from a few of our micro overlay projects.
We work all around the United Kingdom.

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Microcement floor in kitchen area

Designed and manufactured in the Nottinghamshire countryside, by ourselves for complete quality control.

What Is A MicroCement?

Are you confused about microcement floors and walls?
Fear not, we will explain all with this easy to follow article on microcement products.

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Designed for professionals by professionals. Produced through extensive testing and on real world projects with the best of microcement applicators

Be More ECO friendly

Be more environmentally friendly with our microcement overlays.
Our 3mm thick overlay is more sustainable than polished concrete

Make The ECO Choice

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Apply our microcements to floors, walls, ceilings and furniture, to create beautiful bespoke concrete tones and textures.

Family Values

Full of drive and innovation.
CARRcrete are proud to be an independent, family run company.

More About Us

Dave and Simone from Carrcrete

CARRcrete concrete overlay products are used extensively by our professional applicators as well as a growing number of trade professionals across the country.

Time To Read?

Articles by the staff at CARRcrete.
Learn more about microcements cost and ingredients with the guys who designed our products.

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An orange coloured microcement floor in Norfolk

Why Choose CARRcrete Microcement?

CARRcrete design and manufacture microcement products in the UK. As far as we know, we are the only manufacturer of microcement in the UK and certainly the only one using our ECO friendly ethos towards recycled media and reduced CO2 binders.

But our microcement products are far more than just ECO friendly. We engineer our micro cement products to go above and beyond the competition; those who have used our products know this well

  • High Strength. One of the first things that sets our products apart from other microcement products on the market, is that our overlays are hard and tough. They are designed to be robust. Within 24 hours the product can be sanded smooth, and will continue to develop strength day on day

  • Reduced Porosity. We have engineered multiple ways of reducing the inherent porosity of a cement based product. As a result our microcement elicits a much lower absorption rate than our competitors. We offer superior water, stain and chemical resistance before sealing. Superior hydrophobic and oleophobic qualities over any competiting brand.

  • Chemical Resistance. We have worked long and hard to reduce the damageability of microcement during application and before sealing. So with our advanced cement binder you will notice that we offer a far greater resistance to acids, alkaline, detergent and salt damage before sealing.

  • Ease Of Application. Having worked with a lot of professional micro overlay installers over the years, we understand the need for products to work with the applicator and not against them. Through many trials and tests we have tweaked our product line to be easy, convenient and intuitive to mix and apply and yet still produce the same amazing results.