Concrete Floor Micro Topping

CARRcrete Concrete Overlay Topping

Concrete Floor Micro Topping

Zero compromise cementitious products designed by CARRcrete to produce the highest quality polished concrete available.

Designed for ease of use, rapid project turnaround and awesome results from diamond polishing; CARRcrete products are state of the art concrete micro topping technology, designed by polished concrete experts and manufactured in the UK for the highest quality.

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Key Features Of CARRcrete Concrete Micro Topping

  • ECO friendly binders, 30% lower CO2 output compared to OPC
  • Uses recycled glass for increased strength and ECO friendliness
  • Applicator friendly products and accessories
  • High flow, self levelling and flexible
  • Rapid hardening for faster project turn around
  • Designed by professional contractors for fellow professionals

Use our pourable and trowel applied concrete micro toppings and overlays over sand/cement screed, concrete slabs and other stable rigid subtrates to create a stylish new concrete surface; use with or without aggregate to achieve the look you desire.

CARRcrete Concrete Micro Topping Range