Concrete Floor Micro Topping

Microcement Floors And Walls. These new ultra thin concrete overlays are rapidly becoming more popular thanks to their hard wearing and easy to maintain characteristics. As they are applied with only 2-3mm of thickness they can be applied to most existing porous surfaces. Microcement is perfect for re-coating existing tile, screed or concrete floors to create a more contemporary finish full of cloudy textures. Micro polished concrete overlays offer far greater control over the finished colour and look opposed to normal concrete floors which are often ‘you get what you’re given’.

Microcement The Contemporary Stylish Alternative To Concrete

As you will from our photographs, microcement floors and walls look beautiful and blend superbly into any environment whether it be a residential or commercial project. Our water based sealers offer a protective sheen with classy level of lustre.

You can transform tired old floors, walls and kitchen worktops into stylish concrete surfaces, all of which offer that bespoke hand applied finish that is unique to your project. The thin cement veneers work nicely over underfloor heating with a great deal of flexibility they adhere to most surfaces.

CARRcrete Manufacture And Install Micro Overlay Products

Not only do CARRcrete design, blend and manufacture our own advanced concrete overlay products, but we also offer a comprehensive installation service and as you can see, our work is second to none. We work all over the country and in Europe applying our microcement products to floors, wall and over existing kitchen worktop and islands.

CARRcrete PROtop Loft Is Different

When we set out to develop our own micro overlay products we wanted to set a new benchmark for performance, quality and ECO friendliness. That’s why PROtop Loft is developed around an ultra advanced cement binder that we ourselves developed and by using recycled media opposed to quarried sand. The result is a rapid hardening overlay that is easily coloured with aour wide range of pigments in addition to offering a unique texture that can only be achieved with our recycled media.

Microcement Floors And Walls Installation